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Writing a new spell doesn’t need to be hard with this step by step guide!
Good for spellcasters who prefer the page and those who embrace tech!

Inventing Incantations is a solo, microRPG that helps you find the words for a spell. The instructions are available as a trifold brochure (10 pt font), a 4 page pdf (16 pt font) and a txt file. 

When printing the brochure: make sure to print on both sides of the paper, flipping on the short edge.

Inventing Incantations was  inspired by Rae  Nedjadi’s ritual games.


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

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Inventing Incantations (brochure) 378 kB
Inventing Incantations (larger print) 390 kB
Inventing Incantations (plain text) 4 kB

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Absolutely charming. Visually delightful. A great way to understand focus and intentions, even if you don't believe in Magic, you can use this as a meditative tool. Lovely. I also think this would be fun if you just wanna be a bit silly because that is self-care. period.

Thank you so much!!

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My eyes thank you for having a version with larger print; my heart thanks you for signing as a method for testing. I enjoyed the unfussy ritual of stirring my salted water, gathering my books, finding my words, and testing my spell. Such a sense of satisfaction when I found the word order that clicked! A lovely experience.

Thank you so much for playing and for the kind comment!


Hey this is a bit of a weird question but how seriously ought I to take this? Like is it just a game or is it a serious spiritual thing? I'm really sorry that I even have to ask this, I'm just a bit confused. 


Hey there, this is a tiny game! People have used it to make spells for characters they roleplay, spells for devised theatre performances, and mottos for personal reflection and repetition.

Ah thanks! Looks really fun!

Np, thanks! :)