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The air screams around your helmet as you hurtle past the final turn and towards the finish line. Your best friend looks to make a pass that could take both of you out. Do you play it safe and risk losing, or play for glory and risk everything? 

Welcome to Superstars: Racing Icons.

Trophies are nice, but racing careers are short and you’re here to build something that lasts. Is that a rabid group of loyal fans who follow your every move? A list of sponsors willing to keep you comfortable long after your racing days? Or just one meaningful connection with a teammate, a rival, a friend, a lover? 

Winners get champagne, legends last forever.

Superstars: Racing Icons is a GMless tabletop roleplaying game for 3-6 players,  intended to be approachable for fans AND players who aren't very familiar with racing. It was framed with some touchpoints (real life motorsports as well as movies like Speed Racer, The Fast and the Furious, and others), but is intentionally built for expanding or translating the setting into whatever you are interested in. You could play as motorcycle racers in a contemporary setting, mech racers in a cyberpunk setting, spaceship racers in a sci-fi setting, or anything else you can think of! 

Superstars: Racing Icons was written by Tristan B Willis and Pete Volk. Layout and graphic design are by Tristan B Willis. It is a hack of Mobile Frame Zero: Firebrands by Meguey Baker and Vincent Baker at Lumpley Games - we highly highly recommend buying Firebrands!

Please feel free to post comments and videos of your playthroughs, reviews, inspiration, etc. to the page! We really appreciate everyone who's reached out to talk about our game - y'all are the real superstars. 

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Average sessionA few seconds


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It says the average game session is a few seconds lol, I'm assuming that's not accurate? XD


lol no that is not accurate. not sure where itch is pulling that from but it’s now showing up on all my games. 

this one can take between 2-6 hours dependent on number of players and how y'all play. 

Ah, alright, thanks! ^-^


Could you render out a compressed version of the full color version? 400mb is really big for a 35 page game book.


Reduced file pdf has been added to the downloads 

Thank you!


Np! Fyi I mistakenly did it with an older version first time, but have since uploaded the accurate one


We had so much fun playing this game a while back in a Star Wars: Podracing setting with The Gauntlet


Thanks so much for playing and sharing the video!


Superstars is a delightful take on the Firebrands framework that emphasizes racing competition over bloody conflict. By shifting the scope from the economic fate of an entire planet to individual careers, the stakes are made to feel tight, real, and personal. 

Because the game is grounded in the tight holding environment of "Famous Racers Competing" rather than a specific setting, my group is excited to return again and again in different worlds, from Podracing to Wacky Races or Biker Girl Gangs. The introduction of Backgrounds also enhances replayability, providing a wide range of Racing Fiction archetypes to choose from, supporting strong character creation even for players unfamiliar with the tropes of the genre.

The game does what it says on the tin, giving your group the tools to create engaging, dramatic racing fiction over the course of a couple hours. Play it!

Great game for a group of friends (or rivals?!?) looking for a roleplaying sandbox experience. Creativity and improvisation are key elements here, and the game provides the perfect balance of structure and freedom to encourage that. Plus, as a bonus, no "dm" figure needed -- so everyone gets a similar game experience!

This was a fun, relaxed, silly (in a good way) experience for my gaming group. I'm sure the game plays out differently based on the players involved but I recommend you give it a shot and it's definitely worth just $10!


This game is BOSS!!! My knowledge of racing comes entirely from the Fast and the Furious franchise, but this game was fun and easy to grasp without knowing much! I even made my own little character card: