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A single Envoy arrives in a new land, intent on inviting the government and people to join in an alliance with theirs. A Local greets them and offers to lead them to the Capital. To get there they must journey together, alone, sharing tales of their people and themselves along the way.

TOGETHER / ALONE explores the stories we tell about our collective and personal history, how they may be seen as reflective of us en masse, and how that assumption may feel to the individual.

"The game has solid enough parameters to give you a clear end in sight while still allowing a TON of freedom in the storytelling, relationship possibilities between characters, and the overall experience. I played it for the first time last night, had a FANTASTIC time, and intend to play it many more in the future. "  -RUBYR10T

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CategoryPhysical game
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AuthorTristan B Willis
GenreRole Playing
TagsCasual, folklorejam, Multiplayer, Story Rich, Tabletop role-playing game, Two Player
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Together Alone is a two-player game about an emissary and a local guide trekking across the wilderness to propose an alliance between cultures.

It's 7 pages, with solid but subtle layout, and mechanically it's a nice mix between answering questions/storytelling and building up or depleting a trust gauge that gets used in the finale.

Together Alone isn't very random, although there are a few chance rolls that can skew the outcome pretty hard in one direction or another. It also isn't a game where you win by beating it. You win by playing, and making decisions in character, and having a good story to tell afterward.

Overall, I'd strongly recommend this to anyone who likes storytelling games, constantly shifting power imbalances, the tension of intercultural communication, and solid design.

A lot of what you get out of it is what you put into it, but the game does a really good job of inviting you to put good stuff in, and I think it's excellent for one-shots and convention games. It's probably also pretty easy to hack into being a 3+ player experience, as long as the groups of locals or emissaries share an action economy and token pool.


A game where you play as an envoy seeking an alliance and their local guide. The two sides share folklore from their own culture on their way to the capital. Will the sharing of tales inspire trust between them, or would it expose the incompatibility between the two cultures? This game explores (mis)communication across cultural boundaries and difficulties associated with it.